2017 Laureates

Yigong SHI

For his elucidation of high-resolution structures of the eukaryotic spliceosome, revealing the active-site and the molecular-level mechanism of this key complex in mRNA maturation.

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Jianwei PAN

For his innovative contributions to quantum optical technology, enabling practical implementation of secure communication through quantum key distribution.

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Chenyang XU

For his fundamental contributions to birational algebraic geometry.

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2016 Laureates

Yuk-Ming Dennis Lo

For his seminal contribution to the widely-used noninvasive prenatal test based on the original discovery of fetal DNA in maternal blood.

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Qikun XUE

For his pioneer work in discoveries of novel quantum phenomena using molecular beam epitaxy, including quantum anomalous Hall effect and monolayer FeSe superconductivity.

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