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Chapter I.  General Principles

Article 1. 

The Future Science Prize is a set of awards bestowed by Future Forum Science and Technology Development Center in Huairou, Beijing (hereinafter referred to as Future Forum).

Article 2.

In order to ensure objectiveness and fairness of the Future Science Prize, herein define the bylaws.

Article 3. 

The bylaws shall apply to the awards in all categories of the Future Science Prize.

Article 4.

The purpose of the Future Science Prize is to reward the scientists who have made outstanding achievements in science and technology in the Greater China region (including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan).

Article 5. 

The selection process of the Future Science Prize abides by the principles of fairness, impartiality, and trust, ensures an independent process, and rejects undue interference to the selection process by any organizations or individuals beyond the bylaws.

Article 6. 

The nominated scientific work for Future Science Prize must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. has made significant international impacts;

  2. is original and innovative, and has long-term significance or has passed test of time. 

  3. is completed mainly in the Greater China region (including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. There is no restriction on the nationalities of the nominees).

Article 7. 

The Future Forum hereby establishes an Executive committee for the Future Science Prize (hereinafter referred to as the Executive Committee), which shall be fully responsible for the management and guidance of the Future Science Prize. The Secretariat under its jurisdiction shall be in charge of the daily organizational work.

Chapter 2.  Prize Categories and Criteria

Article 8.   Prize Categories, Scope and Award Level

Future Science Prize is hereby established as three annual prizes, “Life Science Prize” , “Physical Science Prize” and “Mathematics and Computer Science Prize”; and the winners will be announced before the end of each year.

Article 9. Prize Scope

(1) The Life Science Prize covers the basic and applied research related to life sciences;
(2) The Physical Science Prize covers the basic and applied research related to the physical science;
(3) The Mathematics and Computer Science Prize covers the basic and applied research related to the mathematics and computer science.

Article 10. Prize Level 

“Life Science Prize” ,“Physical Science Prize” and “Mathematics and Computer Science Prize” shall each be an unrestricted cash reward of 1 million US dollars, respectively.

Article 11. Number of Prize Winners

The prizes may be awarded to an individual or a team who made most significant contributions to the awarded work, In principle, the total number people of a team shall not exceed five. 

Chapter 3.  Selection Organization

Article 12.

The Executive Committee of Future Science Prize shall consist of five people, including two members of the Science Committee of Future Science Prize (hereinafter referred to as the Science Committee), two donor representatives, and one member of the Oversight Committee of Future Science Prize (hereinafter referred to as the Oversight Committee), elected by the Science Committee, all donors, and the Oversight Committee, respectively. The term of a Committee Member is three years. The member is eligible for re-election upon term expiration. The responsibilities of the Executive Committee are as follows: 
(1) Approval of member selection for the Science Committee;
(2) Organizational work for prize selection;
(3) Organizational strategy decision for the press conference, award ceremony, academic seminars and other activities;
(4) Additions of new prizes and new donors, and other major prizes-related matters shall be initiated by the Executive Committee, and approved by all donors;
(5) As the primary governing body of Future Science Prize, the Executive Committee assumes the responsibilities of handling public inquires related to the Prize.
The Executive Committee hereby authorizes the Finance Committee of Future Science Prize (hereinafter referred to as the Finance Committee), the Oversight Committee, and the Secretariat to have the following responsibilities for Prize related activities:
The Finance Committee is responsible for the award finances and fund management.
The Oversight Committee is responsible for providing professional advice on legal and financial affairs during the establishment of the Prize’s bylaws, the oversight of all matters related to the selection process and financial management, and strengthening the credibility of the Prize among the public and donors.
The Secretariat is responsible for the daily organizational work, assisting the Executive Committee to fulfill its responsibilities.

Article 13. 

The Science Committee is responsible for establishing and implementing the detailed rules for the Prize selection process, determining the scope and categories of the prizes. Each Science Committee member has a term of three years and can be re-elected. In principle, the number of newly elected members each year shall not exceed 1/3 of the size of the committee. Any members who withdraws from the Science Committee shall be ineligible for re-election within one year after the withdrawal.
The Science Committee shall establish a subcommittee for each Prize category. Each subcommittee shall be responsible for selecting a short list of candidates for its category. The Science Committee shall appoint the members of subcommittees each year. Each subcommittee shall consist four-five members (including a chair for the subcommittee) and one secretary. Each subcommittee shall have at least two in-person meetings during the selection process (members may participate via teleconferencing or videoconferencing with the permission of the subcommittee chair).

Article 14.

The members of the Science Committee shall not be eligible as candidates for the Prize during their active term and a period of two years after they leave the Science Committee. The committee members who have conflicts of interest with the candidates shall take proper measures to avoid such conflicts during the selection process and abstain from voting. Conflicts of interest include “direct family members,” “direct student-teacher relationship,” “close collaborative relationship,” and other relationships that may affect the impartiality of the selection process.

Article 15. Members of the Science Committee

The first Science Committee shall be comprised of members of the Future Forum Scientific Committee.
The election of new Science Committee member shall be nominated by a current Science Committee member, approved with a two-thirds majority of the Science Committee, and then appointed by the Executive Committee.
If a Science Committee member is found to have violated rules related to professionalism, and the Oversight Committee may initiate an impeachment against this member, who shall be dismissed after passing a vote of the entire committee excluding this member.

Chapter 4.  Qualification of Nominators and Candidates

Article 16. 

Nominators shall be produced by the Science Committee. Each committee member recommends a number of nominators. Once confirmed by the Science Committee, the nominators shall be eligible for nomination. 

Article 17. 

The members of the Science Committee shall not be allowed to nominate candidates. However, the Science Committee shall have the authority to supplement or revise the nominations when discovering omissions or errors in the nomination during the selection process. 

Article 18. 

The candidates for each Prize shall be nominated by nominators described above and regulated by Article 17. The Science Committee shall not accept applications or outside recommendations. Each nominator can submit one nomination every year, and a nomination can be kept for up to three years. The Secretariat of the Executive Committee, when sending nomination forms to nominators, shall remind the nominators to clarify whether they choose to use their nominations from the prior year. If a nominator elects not to nominate the same nominees from the prior year, then the nominator shall inform the Secretariat. Without informing the Secretariat, it shall be regarded as keeping the continuation.
The nomination of each nominator shall be carried out independently. A joint nomination shall not be permitted.

Article 19. 

The Secretariat of the Executive Committee shall collect and compile the nominations from the nominators, and the subcommittee of the Science Committee shall identify a candidate list for each Prize. The Prize winner(s) shall be selected through a vote by the entire Science Committee.

Chapter 5.  Selection Process

Article 20.

A short list of each Future Science Prize candidates shall be recommended by the subcommittee and approved by the full Science Committee. The Science Committee shall then request at least five international experts in the same field to write evaluation letters for each nominated work in the short list. Based on the evaluation letters, the Science Committee shall vote anonymously to produce the final Prize winners.

Article 21. 

All staff members (including members of the Science Committee and the Oversight Committee) who participate in the Future Science Prize selection process shall maintain confidentiality regarding the details of the selection process, and shall sign a confidentiality agreement with a confidentiality period of 50 years.

Chapter 6.   Prize Presentation

Article 22. 

The Executive Committee shall manage the award ceremony of the Future Science Prize, and shall publicize citation and general description of scientific achievement of each prize winner.

Chapter 7. Supplementary Provisions

Article 23. 

The legally binding bylaws shall be approved and edited by the Future Forum Scientific Committee and all donors of Future Science Prize, and the Executive Committee is responsible for explanations and supplementations of the bylaws.

Article 24.

The bylaws shall be effective on the date of its promulgation.