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Introduction to Future Science Prize

The Future Science Prize is the first private science prize jointly established by scientists and entrepreneurs in Mainland China. It aims at recognizing scientific breakthroughs and innovations in science and technology in the Greater China region (independent of citizenship). The Future Forum views the Prize as an innovative way to bring more private funds to promote fundamental scientific research in China and to use innovative and scientific spirits to affect China, the world and the next generation.

Established in 2016 as a prize initiated and entirely funded by private capital, the Future Science Prize is an effective supplement to government efforts in this regard. Candidates for the Prize are nominated by leading Chinese scientists from home and abroad upon invitation; The Science Committee is composed of outstanding scientists, formed to ensure the independency and fairness of the selection process.

The Prize is given in two categories, namely Life Science Prize and Physical Science Prize, with US$ 1mm of award for each. Each categories of Prize has four carefully selected entrepreneur donors who cherish the value of science and have good reputation among the public for their social contribution; Council members also make voluntary donations to the Prize. Executive committee for the Future Science Prize, supervisory and execution teams are formed in compliance with international common practice.

Laureates of the Prize will be selected regardless of their citizenship, as long as their achievements are original and innovative, have long-term significance or has passed test of time; are completed mainly in the Greater China region (including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. There is no restriction on the nationalities of the nominees).

The Future Science Prize is established to pay tribute to the outstanding scientists and reward them for their significant contribution, so as to rekindle the enthusiasm of the public for science and inspire more youngsters to join the noble cause of science and realize the “science dream” of China.



The Future Forum was established in Beijing on January 20, 2015. The Future Forum, a non-profit organization, gathers a group of elite scientists, businessmen and government leaders with same ideals and thoughts.
  • 01.

    They jointly initiated the "Future Forum".

  • 02.

    They jointly initiated the Future Science Prize. 

  • 03.

    They hope to raise the attention and understanding of Chinese society to the frontiers of technology and innovation.

  • 04.

    They hope to increase society's attention to and respect for scientists, and ultimately make China a leader in innovation through awarding scientists that have made outstanding contributions to science and technology in Greater China .



  • 01.

    To reward scientists that have made outstanding contributions to science and technology in Greater China; 

  • 02.

    To make scientists revered as the stars of our era;

  • 03.

    To encourage the youth in China to develop a scientific attitude and become a foundation for scientific inquiry in the future;

  • 04.

    To promote the development of science in China, enhance the scientific literacy of citizens of China, and establish a societal view of science.