The purpose of the Future Science Prize is to reward scientists that have made outstanding contributions to science and technology in Greater China.


  • The 2nd Award ceremony of the Future Science Prize will be held at China World Hotel on October 29 2017.
  • The Second Future Science Prize Laureates will be announced on 9th September 2017.
  • The Award Ceremony was held on January 15, 2017
  • The press conference of the Future Science Prize was held on September 19, 2016


  •   For his pioneer work in discoveries of novel quantum phenomena using molecular beam epitaxy, including quantum anomalous Hall effect and monolayer FeS...

  •   For his seminal contribution to the widely-used noninvasive prenatal test based on the original discovery of fetal DNA in maternal blood.Acceptance Sp...

About the prize

  • I hope that the scientists who make the greatest contributions will be granted Future Science Prize on the principle of justice, fairness and credibility.

    Feng Deng (Donor of the Physical Science Prize) ——
  • Today, we are exploring a path which is entrepreneurs cooperating with scientists by establishing this prize to support scientists and China's fundamental scientific research.

    James Ding (Donor of the Life Science Prize) ——
  • It all happened spontaneously as we consider innovation to be crucial to the prosperity of a nation. The establishment of the Future Science Prize is our attempt to improve innovation.

    Robin Li(Donor of the Life Science Prize) ——
  • Future Forum has convened a group of China's top scientists, intellectuals and investors who are creating a top science prize in China.

    Bob Xu(Donor of the Physical Science Prize) ——
  • While establishing this prize, we considered whether we should emulate an overseas prize and later found it unnecessary. I believe we can make this reward a benchmark that's one of a kind and help science really achieve the attention of the Chinese public.

    Neil Shen (Donor of the Life Science Prize) ——
  • We hope that more people can respect and worship our scientists the way they admire Hollywood stars, and we want them to realize that science is fun.

    Lei Zhang (Donor of the Life Science Prize) ——

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